1) They Pick Up the Phone

They’re your precious possessions. Don’t you deserve comprehensive and frequent communication about how they’re being handled, where they are on their journey and, well, pretty much anything you want? Communication skills can be difficult to judge before your move date, but you can still get a good sense based on how quickly a company responds to your request for a quote and how complete their communication is when they get in touch. What’s more, if you call for clarification, you better bet there should be a friendly human being waiting to speak to you on the other end of the line -- or at least someone who will return that call within several hours.

2) They Get Good Reviews

With so many dedicated moving review sites online as well as more general sites like Google Plus, any given moving company should have numerous reviews for your to peruse. If they don’t, it may mean they’ve operated previously under a different name, closed after developing a bad reputation, and then reopened after a rebranding. 
Make sure to read the reviews and use caution as someone who hasn’t used the moving company may have written some of the reviews. If you’re suspicious (and even if you’re not), just ask for a reference. A good company will have plenty to hand you, and will do so without hesitation.

3) They Come Via Personal Recommendation

Of course, nothing beats a personal recommendation. As such, you may want to start your hunt for the perfect moving company by asking your friends and family members for their best (and worst!) experiences.

4) They Can Answer Your Questions -- And They Do

If a moving company is good at what they do, they shouldn’t have any trouble communicating their entire process to you. They should also possess expert knowledge of packing, transport and unpacking best practices so that they can ensure your move is as stress free and as cost effective as possible.

5) Offer Free Expert Advice

Packing guides, cost evaluation tools, tips for settling into your new neighborhood -- you name it, you should feel like your chosen moving company is on your side, rooting for you to do well not only during your move but also as you settle in. 

6) They’ll Help With Every Stage of Your Move

Most cut rate movers will only only help you with the transporting part of the process, but there are so many more stages to a move than just that. Worse yet, focusing so exclusively on this aspect of the process may indicate they care little about whether or not your items are packed correctly, as long as they get them to the other side. This can spell doom for many of your favorite items. A good moving company will offer help with both packing and unpacking, so that you can both ensure the integrity of your possessions without having to do any of the stressful work.

7) Their Rates Make Sense

There’s no reason that moving rates need to be complicated. Estimates should be customized to your unique situation and based on cubic feet, not weight. Your mover should be able to explain any additional costs succinctly and in clear terms. If there’s a chance that the costs could go up, your mover should be able to give you a sense of how so. That’s it. End of story.

8) They Show Up When They Say They Will

Communication skills can also be a good measure, especially if they are (or aren’t) good at calling you when they say they’re going to.

9) They Adhere to Good Practice Guidelines

A Canadian moving company will provide you with an excellent consumer checklist to help you evaluate your moving company. Your chosen moving company should not only know about and adhere to these guidelines, but they should provide you with a copy upon request as well.

10) They Have the Right Equipment

Of course, it should go without saying (though we’ll say it anyway) that your chosen moving company should have professional equipment and own it themselves. The best equipment is designed to protect your belongings along every step of the way, and it’s also again just a mark of professionalism.